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What are the different types of catering?

The catering industry is divided into two distinct types of catering. These are collective catering and commercial catering. Under the name of commercial catering, several types of catering are grouped together, including traditional catering and fast food.

Collective catering

The purpose of collective catering is to provide a large number of meals at a moderate price for a specific community. It can be a company catering, a school catering, a medico-social catering or even a prison or a holiday centre.

Depending on the specificity of each institution, the responsibility lies with different entities. Public school catering establishments are managed by public administrations, such as the town hall or the Departmental Council. Company catering, for its part, is under the responsibility of a works council or a management committee.

The same collective catering group can distribute meals in different collective catering establishments.

The traditional structure

Traditional catering is aimed at a private clientele. It can be a simple or gourmet catering. Each dish is served and consumed on the spot for a fee, as are the drinks.

Traditional catering dishes are prepared as needed, at the request of the customer. The chef prepares the menus alone or with a team, depending on the size of the establishment. It is he who determines the content of the menus. The management of his budget is different from that of a chef manager who works in collective catering. Indeed, the conditions of preparation and service are not the same.

Fast food

Fast food is generally simple and quick to prepare. Meals are served in disposable packaging. The customer can consume his meal while staying on site or he can take it with him to consume it elsewhere.

This type of restoration has developed a lot in recent years. Large international franchise networks monopolize a large part of the fast food market. Nevertheless, young independent restaurateurs also offer their fast food services in the big cities.

Each type of restoration meets a different need. Thus, in the same week you may have to take your meal in each of them. Depending on your professional activity, the time allocated to your meal or your desires, you will certainly find what you are looking for in one of these catering establishments.

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