Twitter halts ‘blue check’ amid flood of imposters

Twitter posts its recently announced Eight dollar blue check Subscription Service on Friday, that comes after the verification system was flooded, with imposters gleefully parodying, big brands or celebrities.

It’s forced some companies to issue apologies over false information. The platform’s support team is working to suspend fake accounts and to brought back the official badge to some users. Twitter did not respond to a request for comment.

Getting a check mark used to be reserved for verified accounts of politicians, famous personalities or journalists, but the option to pay for a check mark was rolled out earlier this week. Just sensibly helped Twitter grow Revenue.

The two weeks since Elon Musk completed his 44 billion dollar takeover of Twitter has been marked with chaos. Nearly half the workforce was fired and Senior Executives were pushed out and musk warned on his first call with employees.

He could not rule out bankruptcy for the social media giant. The damage has already been done to Twitter’s advertising Revenue with companies such as General Motors and United Airlines, pulling back from advertising on the platform since musk’s take over