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The different forms of restaurant

When opening a restaurant , choosing the type of restaurant in which you will evolve is one of the essential steps. With the constant evolution of lifestyles (long distance between residence and workplace, reduction in time devoted to meals, importance attributed to leisure, etc.), different forms of catering have emerged to meet consumer expectations . Traditional, fast or collective, an overview of these different formulas.

Traditional catering

Among the different formulas of restoration is the traditional restoration . By definition, these are private establishments , mostly small, one-man businesses, serving traditional meals. This form of catering brings together several types of restaurant such as classic restaurants catering to an extremely varied clientele. Generally relying on plate service, some establishments working in classic catering also offer some preparations at the table.

Traditional catering also includes hotel restaurants providing an additional service for customers. Family pensions, small establishments often reserved for regular customers, are also part of it. Moreover, the same applies to tourist restaurants classified by a star system and whose service is carried out by true professionals.

Fast food

This sector has experienced considerable growth in recent years. Different kinds of restaurants are classified in this category, including fast food . On the spot or to take away, the dishes are generally standardized. Responding to a need for quick consumption , at any time of the day, this type of establishment is now very popular.

Restauroute refers to a type of fast food including establishments located along highways. The sandwich shop diversifying its offer with specialized establishments or high-end sandwiches is also a form of fast food. The same is true for the cafeteria, consisting of a self-service, the snack bar generally associated with drinking establishments, the food-court or even classic catering are also concerned.

Theme catering

Theme catering is also one of the different types of catering in France. This formula implies specialization in the work of a given product or in a mode of consumption. Restaurants with local, halal, dietetic, vegan or even vegetarian products are part of this category. These establishments generally offer plate service or buffets.

If the restaurant’s activities revolve around a product , it can for example specialize in vegetables, pancakes or waffles. Theme catering can also be dedicated to a country. In these establishments, the menu is made up of dishes and wines specific to a country (China, Italy, Morocco, etc.).


Among the different types of catering in France, there is also catering. This formula includes the classic catering service offering a complete service for a predefined number of participants and in different locations. This category also includes butchers-caterers manufacturing and selling at retail. These establishments often offer cold buffets featuring charcuterie, but also traditional dishes on request.

In recent years, home service has also aroused the enthusiasm of consumers because of their increasingly active lifestyle. In addition to pizzerias, some restaurants have also embarked on this type of catering by delivering and serving full gourmet meals. In this form of catering, we also find the activity of a chef at home consisting of preparing all or part of the meal at the customer’s home, serving the guests, then cleaning the kitchen and the dining room.

Catering in transport

Other forms of catering have been developed, including transport catering . This concept is mainly developed in rail, sea and air transport . In planes, meal trays are prepared in advance, then taken on board to be served by air hostesses and stewards during flights.

In the trains, a traveling merchant sells drinks and sandwiches from wagon to wagon. On some trains, an entire carriage may be reserved for catering. In the boats, several types are often offered ranging from self-service to gourmet meals. A complete restaurant brigade takes care of the preparation and service.

Community catering

Finally, community catering is also part of the various catering formulas. Different types of restaurant are grouped together in this sector of activity, in particular company restaurants made available to employees. The service is the responsibility of an internal team or a specialized company.

The school canteen, whose type of service is generally linear distribution or on the table, is also part of it. In addition, community catering includes local community catering, hospital catering, prison catering as well as the army.

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