The Best Creative Business Ideas

1. Children’s play/adventure area:

Starting a playground is a very profitable small business venture. The expected investment for such a company is average.

2. Tea/Coffee Cafe:

Working in a cafe is a new trend. A very well equipped cafe with a decent atmosphere and wide selection of teas and coffees is a lucrative business idea. Opening a cafe requires a rental/own space with minimal investment.

3. Personal Gift Shop:

A gift shop is one of the best creative ideas. Customers are always looking for personalization in their gifts. Providing them with what they need will definitely benefit your business and increase profits.

4. Antique Shop:

Opening a small antique shop with a wide variety of antiques and furniture is likely to attract a large number of people. Antique shops can be very profitable if you find the right customers who are interested in antiques.

5. Event game organizer:

Popular game organizer at various events like birthday events, anniversaries, etc. This is a creative business idea that requires you to be great at communication and creativity.

6. Hot Air Balloon and Boat Ride:

This is one of the most daring business ideas. The expected investment here is large and skilled workers are expected to ensure customer safety. To start such a business, you need more space.

7. DJ Service:

Be it any occasion, party or wedding; DJ is basically essential to life. The bar relies on the DJ to attract the crowd. Humans need great skill and experience to entertain the audience.

8. Chatbot Services:

One of the businesses that is currently developing is the development of chatbots. Many companies integrate chatbot services on their websites. Building custom chatbots according to requirements will result in high profits.

9. Interior Designer:

If you have a degree in architecture, you can become an interior designer. Real estate is profitable every day. Reaching $1 trillion by 2030 is normal. In such a growing market, the demand for interior designers will always be high. If you are experienced and have a good plan for turning a house into a home, this business can do wonders.

10. Dance/Music lessons:

Dance and music are two creative businesses. Both operations require special skills and a lot of experience. One of the most amazing things is that you can start this business from home with a small investment.

11. Ice Cream Shop:

One brilliant business idea is selling ice cream. Create unique flavors by season to attract your customers. This business requires special skills and perseverance to try different ice cream mixes.

12. Hair Shop:

People may think Hair Business is a strange idea, but Hair Business is one of the most profitable business ideas. The hair business accounted for $248 million in 2018. India exports hair to the US, Europe, China and the Middle East.

13. Ethnic Food:

Today people don’t eat to satisfy their hunger, they eat for pleasure. Assuming you have extraordinary culinary skills that can make people lick their fingers, then you should start ethnic food at home. You just need to have the right information about the ingredients and an idea about the culture and region where the recipe comes from.

14. Organic Farming:

Organic farming has existed in India since ancient times. It aims to develop land using organic waste. With the increasing demand for organic grains in the market, organic farming is gaining popularity. Provided you own the land, you can invest in this small business idea.

15. Mobile Garage:

Cars tend to break down in areas that don’t have a garage. If you have a vehicle, you can turn it into a car garage with a small investment.

Home business ideas:

1. Home Chocolate Shop:

No matter what, chocolate will never run out of demand. Whatever the occasion or occasion, chocolate is a must. With a little investment in raw materials, you can make chocolate at home. Homemade chocolate is in great demand in the market.

2. Recruitment:

Registration services are one of the most profitable businesses today. All you have to do is wait for the list, choose suitable job from home candidates and earn big commission from the company.

3. Sewing:

Fashion and lifestyle is one of the most profitable businesses today. If you are a housewife or you need to earn some extra money, you can start sewing at home. All you need is a sewing machine and a little design.

4. Tiffin Service:

Grocery delivery has become big business in industrial estates. For some professionals who cannot cook at home or avoid traveling to a different city, Tiffin Service is a useful option. You can use your kitchen to prepare fresh food and start this profitable business.

5. Hobby class:

If you want to enjoy business, start with a hobby class. Parents today believe that their children should learn as much as possible and not waste time. You can start a hobby course in dance, music and art, taking your background into account. This business has the best chance of winning during the summer holidays.

6. Yoga class:

The healthcare industry in India is growing. In this fast-paced life, people want to take some time for themselves and find peace. You can start yoga classes at home and train people to lead healthy lives with just a small investment.

7. Insurance agent:

If you have good communication skills and great persuasion, you will become an insurance agent. You can start this business idea with little investment. There is no other easy way to earn good commissions than selling policies.

8. MLM – Network Marketing:

Multi-level marketing or network marketing is a business that requires you to sell affiliate products and services to make money. Revenue also includes the percentage of revenue from the sales group you define. This is a full referral business and you can work from home.

9. Registration Office:

One of the most productive businesses for housewives and retirees is a marriage office. Just meet and greet people and with a little investment you can start this business idea from home.

10. Medical sample collection:

If you have minimal knowledge of blood types and various medical procedures, you can get into this business. All you have to do is collect a body fluid sample and send it to a pathology clinic near you. It is a less competitive business and can be started in a small space.

Part Time Business Ideas:

1. Customs Service:

If you believe that you have excellent management and planning skills, you can run your business effectively. All you have to do is take care of tasks like banking, grocery shopping, paying utility bills, delivering goods, etc. and to earn income from the services you provide.

2. Party organizer:

If you like planning and organizing, how about becoming a party planner? This is the most exciting job because it involves creativity. This shop is in high demand in metro cities for its party culture.

3. Accounting and Records:

If numbers excite you, you can start an accounting and bookkeeping business. Finance people with experience in accounting work can earn through this business by offering their professional services. You will need specialized training for this business, but you can start your own with a very small investment.

4. Child Care Services:

Today, many parents rely on daycare centers to look after their children while they are away for work. While some parents may only view professional daycare as the safest child care option, others see the best home environment for their children. So, if you love kids and don’t mind babysitting them for a few hours a day, you can start day care.

5. Sofa Cleaning Service:

People are getting busier every day. They do not have time to clean their furniture at home and in the office. If you enjoy cleaning, you can turn to semi-skilled or unskilled workers and, with the help of the right equipment, start a sofa cleaning service.

6. Visa Advisor:

Advisers are always needed. Once you are familiar with various visa rules and regulations and can navigate the paperwork required to do so, you can start a visa consulting business.

7. Private Chef:

If you enjoy cooking and have experience in preparing different dishes, you can become a personal chef and earn from your services. This business requires you to invest mainly in cooking utensils as well as raw materials.

8. Sports Coach:

If you share a passion for sports and have a diploma in sports coaching, you can coach children or people who want a career in sports. You must personally train the person to achieve his goals.