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Restaurant management: everything you need to know to succeed

Managing a restaurant cannot be improvised. To avoid going out of business, respecting the management principles adapted to the world of catering is necessary.

Whether from the opening of the establishment or throughout its existence, it is important to follow certain practices and avoid errors as much as possible to develop your restaurant.

The essential steps of running a restaurant

How to manage your restaurant well? To answer this question, various parameters must be taken into account for optimal management of your establishment.

The first concerns the menu, which must be simple with a reduced number of dishes. If you offer a menu that is too complex, a drop in quality may appear. To run your catering business, you must also cultivate the sense of negotiation , which is necessary especially with your suppliers.

To manage your restaurant well, it is also important to ensure careful control of deliveries . In addition, the monthly turnover, but also the gross margin must also be controlled.

Other operations are necessary to guarantee good management of your establishment. Every month, remember to take a complete inventory, in particular to determine your gross margin.

Also, to improve the management of your restaurant’s kitchen, establish technical sheets for your main dishes . This operation makes it possible to determine the quantities to be prepared and to evaluate the cost of the raw materials.

First of all, you must draw up a list of the best-selling dishes to be mastered first, then another of the dishes at risk (recipe difficult to make, expensive raw material, etc.).

Other steps are important in the good management of a restaurant, in particular the calculation of the cost price, the analysis of your sales as well as the follow-up of the discrepancies between your purchases and your sales.

Mistakes to avoid in restaurant management

Running a restaurant is not easy and making mistakes is quite possible, especially when opening the establishment.

However, some mistakes can be anticipated and avoided to prevent the gradual deterioration of your restaurant’s profitability. Offering a long menu is one of the common mistakes in catering establishments. They offer a wide variety of dishes (pizzas, sushi, burgers, etc.) to satisfy all customer tastes.

To retain their customers and obtain a good return, offering a contradictory and too vast menu is not the best solution. Indeed, according to trends, gourmets and foodies are more attracted to specialized establishments favoring a flagship product.

If you’re wondering ” my restaurant isn’t working?” “, you may also make the mistake of offering a confused atmosphere and an impersonal decoration. The latter, however, is an essential element in the management of a restaurant.

Some establishments give little importance to decoration, thus receiving their customers in spaces devoid of personality and uncomfortable that will not encourage them to return. Other errors can affect the proper functioning of a restaurant such as not analyzing the competition, the management of the establishment without a business plan or even without a digital presence.

The keys to restaurant success

When running a restaurant, there are certain factors that affect the success of the establishment. Three points are particularly important. The gastronomic offer is the first factor to be refined.

To offer quality dishes, you must know how to combine flavor, fragrance and visuals. You must also ensure the profitability of your activity by offering a card that will generate profits.

Also, don’t forget to regularly add innovation to your menu allowing your establishment to adapt to changes. Do not hesitate to learn about the latest trends when preparing your new recipes.

To win the hearts of customers and make them want to come back to your establishment , make sure you offer them a service unforgettable. In order for your waiters to deal with customers properly and efficiently, make sure they are motivated in their work.

Do not hesitate to organize activities and offer bonuses to encourage them to give the best of themselves. Also make sure that your team in the dining room has a perfect understanding of the products on offer. Regular food tasting sessions are recommended to familiarize your servers with your gastronomic offer.

Finally, offering a personalized service for each customer is a guarantee of success for restaurants. The last important point to take into account concerns the atmosphere created within the establishment..

The decoration as well as all the physical elements of the restaurant must be in phase to offer a memorable gastronomic experience to the customer. For this, you can surf on different dimensions such as authenticity, added values ​​(for example, live concerts) or even comfort.

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