Low cost business ideas with high profit

1. Mobile grocery store:

Mobile Food Shop is the best idea for small business because people all over the world love to eat delicious and healthy food. This is a business that you can start with minimal investment and get maximum profit because no one can resist delicious food that is provided hygienically.

2. Fast Food Restaurant:

Fast food is the number one choice for people who are hungry and don’t have access to home-cooked meals. If you offer tasty and hygienic food at a low price, you will immediately make a profit.

3. Diet Grocery Store:

Nowadays, people are very careful about what they eat. You can find fast food everywhere in the country and in the cities, but in this country there are almost no stores that offer healthy diet foods. Therefore, starting a diet grocery store is a great idea for a small business.

4. Healthy Drinks:

Thanks to social media, people know exactly what is good for their health. They began to prefer healthy drinks over carbonated drinks. Juices such as neem, beetroot and carrot are in high demand. So setting up a health drink stand is a good business idea.

5. Ice Cream and Soda Shop:

Ice Dish and Soda Shop is one of the best business ideas with low investment and maximum profit. All you have to do is invest in the equipment needed to prepare the drink, e.g. B. Ice machine and soda machine.

6. Courier business:

If you are very efficient at getting messages, packages or letters from one place or person at the right time, this business is for you. They need semi-skilled workers to run the business.

7. Washing machine:

Everyone likes to wear fresh clothes that smell good. If you can provide a good laundry service efficiently then this is the business for you. You can hire some unskilled workers to help you in this task.

8. Candle Making:

Candle making is an art, but you can turn this art into a profitable business idea by placing large orders with available machines through a small investment.

9. Preparing the Soap:

The best selling organic and herbal soaps in the market. If you have the skills to make soap with different ingredients, you can turn this hobby into a great business.

10. Creating Idols:

If you are creative and have the skills to make idols, you can start an idol making business. We are a pagan country and during festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi, Durga Puja etc. Idols are in great demand.

11. Bag Making:

After the plastic ban, this line of business grew rapidly because the demand for paper bags from malls and business units was very large. You can use your creativity to make bags out of jute, cotton, etc. and sell them online or offline.

12. Preparing Cucumbers:

Making pickles is one of the best home business ideas that women have been doing since time immemorial. You can start this business on a part time or full time basis depending on your needs.

13. Preparing the Fruit Jam:

Homemade fruit jam is popular among people because it does not contain any preservatives. You can turn it into a profitable business idea with little investment provided by various organizations.

14. Career advice:

If you know what job trends and careers are in demand, you can become a career advisor. You can start this business from home. Today, parents and teachers are looking for good career advisors who can support children in finding careers for their future.

15. Religious Items:

India is a country with many religions and languages, there are various customs and traditions that people follow. The requirements for religious items for different customs are different. Religious items like diya, dhup, murti and shankha are always in demand. Therefore, this trade is profitable in areas close to religious organizations.

16. Pest Control:

The pest control business is slowly becoming one of the best companies in Metro. Everyone wants to live a healthy life free from diseases caused by insects and mosquitoes. Therefore, pest control companies in metro areas are a good choice.

17. Paan Center:

Anyone can open a paan center as it doesn’t require any skills. This is a low investment business idea and involves the preparation and sale of paans and other related items. They can also sell small items like cakes and chocolates in addition to paanas.

18. Landscaping Services:

With a landscaping company, you can offer clients lawn services to keep their yards tidy and you can also plant flowers, trees and shrubs. To start this business you need to know how to create flowerbeds and gardens to increase property values. When real estate prices go up, these trades will give you maximum income.

19. Aquarium Shop:

An aquarium is a low investment business idea that requires you to maintain the aquarium and provide professional aquarium rental and maintenance for your office or home. Aquariums are considered good for Vaastu, so it’s a good deal with little investment.

20. Home Remodeling:

Homes require maintenance and repairs from time to time, so home improvement services are a viable business opportunity. If you know the construction industry along with some skilled workers, you can start this business.

21. Palm Reader or Astrology:

Palmistry is the practice of predicting a person’s future by examining their hands. This is a useful business and a person with palmistry skills can make a moderate amount from this business.

22. Smoking Service:

Fumigation services spray or inject pesticide gas into infested areas to eradicate pests. Fumigants or pesticides poison pests in and around the area. One should have a clear idea of ​​the chemicals used in running this business.

23. Spy and Security Services:

Nothing to believe today. Because of this, the need for espionage and security services arose. Many people use the service for their home and office

24. Car Pick Up Service:

Car pooling is a type of car rental that is suitable for people who want to use a car in a relatively short time. Car sharing services offer occasional drivers the opportunity to rent a car by the hour or by the day. Due to pollution awareness and traffic management, the business is growing rapidly day by day.

25. Software training:

If you are proficient in computer languages ​​like C, C++, JAVA, HTML, etc., you can start a software training business from a small rental room or house.