List of Retail business ideas

1. Grocery Store:

Grocery stores sell groceries and other household items. A grocery store or often called a supermarket is a source of household food needs. Grocery shopping is an integral part of human life and any business that aims to preserve life is sure to turn into a profitable business idea if done right.

2. Health food store:

An organic food business is another niche food business idea. If you want to be successful in your organic wholesale business, it is important to have a proper plan to supply genuine organic products on a regular basis. Location is another very important thing to consider because you need to be in an area where people are health conscious and can afford organic produce at high prices.

3. Hardware store:

Hardware stores typically sell hand and electrical tools, building materials, plumbing fixtures, cleaning products, and more. Hardware stores have many business components that require detailed planning. You need to research and find a growing area to start this business for its success.

4. Auto Parts Warehouse:

Auto parts stores are stores that cost a lot of money. With significant capital investment and strategic planning, you can start this type of business. Starting an auto parts business is a satisfying way to make money.

5. Cosmetics Shop:

As people are becoming more and more beauty conscious these days, the demand for cosmetic products is always on the rise. Women are always looking for beauty salons. This business also requires very little investment.

6. Leather and Perfume:

This is another form of small business where you need to own products like bags, belts, wallets and perfumes. This type of company is always an evergreen company with good products and low investment.

7. Xerox Store:

Xerox Shop is a great shop to make a profit. Xerox Shop is available at every location. This alone proves the success of running the Xerox Shop in conjunction with other products such as bookbinding, lamination and small stationery. The investment required is also small. The best places to start this business are schools, colleges, offices, etc.

8. Beauty Salon:

Beauty salons are one of the booming businesses in India right now. The beauty care segment is most concerned with women. This business requires some special skin care skills. People who run this business must go through special training and courses related to skin care and have a good knowledge of cosmetic products. The investment required to start this small business is very small, or you can even opt for a well-known brand franchise.

9. Medical Diagnostic Center:

Medical care is urgently needed at this time. Every day there are new diseases that affect people’s health, so timely health and medical examinations are very important. With proper medical examination and follow-up tests, we can protect ourselves from many diseases. The investment required to run this business is quite significant.

10. Photo Studio:

A photo studio is a business that can be started with a very small investment. Business success depends on your photography skills and ideas.

11. Retail Security Products:

In today’s world, safety and security is all you need. Therefore, security products are always in demand in the retail market. To start this business you need to know about products like helmets, lockers, surveillance cameras, etc.

12. Retail of herbal and ayurvedic products:

Herbs and Ayurveda have been in India for a very long time. Ayurveda is a medicine that is proven to treat and cure diseases without side effects. Manufacturers of herbal medicines and Ayurveda are now booming in the health segment. Especially after Patanjali entered the industry. This is the right time to start retail herbal and ayurvedic products with moderate investment and get better returns.

13. Junk Shop:

You can also earn money at thrift stores. In this shop you have to collect garbage such as newspapers, plastic, and other used goods.

14. Gift Card Shop:

All locations have at least one gift shop. The world today is all about forgiveness and receiving gifts. The gift shop also has a good income. The gift shop consists of business or personal gifts. A gift shop requires a precise location and a good collection of gift cards. Gift cards are usually used for every occasion.

15. Optical Shop:

You may have noticed that there is at least one optometrist in each area. Glasses are mainly used by most people. Due to constant climate change, people of all ages often experience vision problems. To start an eyewear business, you need to have sunglasses, contact lenses, and a variety of trendy spot frames. The price of the product depends on the quality of the product and the location of the company.

16. Seasonal Business:

Seasonal business ideas are another form of business in India. The establishment of this business can be done with a small investment. Your business depends on seasonal and festive consumer needs such as cakes, raincoats, wool, etc.

17. Equipment Shop:

The hardware shopping store is an endless retail business idea. The requirement to start this business is that you need a decent business and an inventory of steel items. The success of this business depends on the location of the store and the quality of the food.

18. Foam Mattress:

Thinking of starting your own foam mattress business? Starting a foam manufacturing company is one of the small investment business ideas. You can be a trader or a manufacturer.

19. Ice Cream Business Idea:

Ice cream business ideas can be started with a very small investment. Ice is a raw material that we often use for daily cooling.

20. Tattoo Shop:

The current generation is tattoo crazy and willing to pay any price for a good designer and trendy tattoo collection. The tattoo business is one of those businesses that has emerged to make good profits. The only thing you need to know is the skill required to make the tattoo or experienced person to do it. Low investment business idea.
Business ideas for manufacturing:
1. Honey preparation:

Honey production business is another form of small business idea. Copper processing can be done through two different processes, manual and automatic. Starting a honey production business is easy and convenient for people who are planning to start a small business.

2. Toy production:

Toy manufacturing is the fastest growing industry in the Indian business segment. Starting a new toy manufacturing business is very profitable. Before setting up a business unit, we need to thoroughly research the prototypes and raw materials needed for toy manufacturing. Machines are available in the market that allow you to make many toys and make more. A toy manufacturing business can be started with a very small investment and then grow further.

3. Production of plastic bottles:

If you want to start your own business, plastic product manufacturing is booming right now. The demand and supply of plastic bottles is increasing day by day. Before you start making plastic bottles, you must have sufficient knowledge and experience in manufacturing and injection molding. You also need to complete some legal formalities such as preparing legal documents, factory permit number, GST number, etc. Small investment business ideas.

4. Fertilizer production:

India is the third largest producer of nitrogen fertilizers in the world. The fertilizer business can be started with a very small or large investment. If you are new to the business, start with a small investment in compost and you will quickly grow your business.

5. Installation for filtration and bottling water:

Water filtration and bottling plants are commercial operations and one of the most important requirements today. The role of mineral water bottling plants is important for this industry and society. To set up a water filter system and bottling plant, you need sufficient space and qualified workers. The investment requirement for this business is very high.

6. Furniture construction:

Furniture is an important part of our daily life. The furniture business should also be considered a booming industry. Furniture always has an endless demand from schools, colleges, offices and homes. If you have enough space and skilled workers, start making furniture.

7. Manufacture of leather-related goods:

The manufacture of leather products is always in demand by the market. Leather products such as bags, shoes, clothes, etc. are some of the goods related to leather that are in great demand and used in daily life. If you can find a suitable worker, start your business making leather goods.

8. Electrical assembly production:

Electricity has become an integral part of our daily life. We cannot imagine a day without electricity. In today’s life, there is a great demand for manufacturing electrical fittings in the market. But although the investment required in this business is not that high compared to others, with a small investment we can start producing electrical equipment. Business ideas with low investment.

9. Embroider:

Now we will take a look at the details related to the Embroidery deal. To start this business, you must have creative embroidery design ideas. Creative designer stickers can be made with low-end machines or advanced tools. It is a profitable business and can generate good margins.

10. Carpet Making:

Carpet making is one of the creative endeavors and a great business opportunity. Starting a carpet manufacturer with good creative thinking will lead to many profitable business ideas. Before starting this business, you need to know the right skills before starting a business.

11. Ceramic Tile Manufacturers:

The ceramic tile business is another profitable business as tiles are needed in every household. The need for high investment in this business.

12. Kitchen Utensil Machine:

Every household has a great need for kitchen utensils. Starting a kitchen equipment business is a great idea in terms of profit.

Rental business ideas:
1. Machine rental:

A commercial space always brings good profit. Renting your ATM space to the bank brings a fixed monthly profit.

2. Rent a car/bus:

The car rental business has grown since the birth of Ola and Uber. Buses are in great demand for family celebrations, weddings, etc.

3. Rental of construction machinery:

The real estate industry in India is growing rapidly day by day. Due to the high cost, developers prefer to rent construction machines. Starting this business will bring huge profits every time.

4. Rent fashion clothes:

Starting a fashion business is a low investment business idea as you need to buy suitable clothes for kids as there is a lot of demand from school kids for school events. Start your costume rental business and earn big.

5. Decorator:

Starting a decorating business is always a good idea because every event requires decoration supplies, chairs, stage equipment, etc. Even though the initial investment in this business is high, it is profitable at every event because the same is used.

There are many more such ideas where the investment required is small but the returns can be huge. Such profitable ideas depend mainly on your staff and networking skills, knowledge of specific areas and latent demand for them in the market. If you have the entrepreneurial bug, take the plunge today.

Top business ideas for less than $1,300:

1. Photography

If you are good at photography and have the skills to become a professional photographer, you can buy or rent professional cameras, lenses, tripods, and other accessories. You can start this business with less than $1,300. It has a wide variety of wedding photography, portfolio photos and event photography and it is a one time investment.

2. Financial Advice

You can start this business because it doesn’t require much investment. All you need is the ability to understand which are the best investment options and assess business risks so that you can provide good service to your clients. In this business, only you can make big profits if you can provide the best service.

3. Digital Marketing

You can offer digital marketing services to clients and easily get 10x your investment. Some marketing courses are available for as little as $5000 or more. You can complete courses and provide freelance services or start your own business. There is a very wide range of digital marketing services.

4. Electronic toys
Starting a toy company is a small investment business. You can use your personal space or rent a small space to make toys. The raw materials can be purchased at wholesale prices in the market. Toys are always in demand. You can sell directly to customers or large factories.

5. Vegetable shop

Vegetables are necessities and daily needs for everyone. This is a small investment business started with less than $1,300. They should have a good knowledge of storing vegetables and buying them from the wholesale market, as well as business ideas with minimal investment.

6. Stationery shop

It is a low risk business with less investment. Stationery is needed in schools, offices, shops and everywhere. You can buy from different wholesalers and sell your business there. All you have to do is invest in building your business and source stationery to sell it.

7. Bakery

The bakery sells cakes, pastries, rolls, breads and other groceries. For this business, you can sell the food you bake, or buy it from someone else and sell it in your shop. You can easily set up your bakery for less than $1,300 and it is a low risk business. You can easily make a good monthly profit.

8. Event organization agency

India is a land of festivals and traditions. So the opportunity is the same for many people. Event management is a very profitable business, but profits depend on your performance. This is a low risk business and you need to know everything you need for each event and your customer needs.

9. Interior Designer

A company engaged in interior design services where you need a creative mind and a lot of experience to meet the expectations of your customers. This low risk business can help you make a profit if you master your skills well.