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8 key points to promote your restaurant

Catering is an area in which a good positioning on the market is important to develop. This requires being resolutely competitive and making yourself visible to the target clientele. If you’re a restaurant manager, you probably face stiff competition, regardless of the city in which you operate.

Communication is what you need to work on as a priority to make your establishment known and attract customers. Nowadays, the possibilities to achieve this are numerous. Discover 8 key points to promote your restaurant.

Create a showcase site for your restaurant

In an era where digital is evolving, more than half of the inhabitants of the planet use the internet. The web has proven to be essential for communicating effectively around a professional activity. In order to capitalize on the high usage of the internet for the benefit of your restaurant, you need to have a website.

If this is not yet the case, you should not hesitate to create one. The creation of websites is one of the services most often carried out by a digital agency. This one will take care of designing for your restaurant, a showcase site according to your graphic charter.

Through the site, you can present your establishment, your specialties, offer online booking or meal delivery. Do not hesitate to integrate blog articles for more visibility.

Optimize the SEO of your restaurant website

The number of sites present on the web is dizzying, 1.88 billion according to the Internet Live Stats counter. To make your way to visibility, your site must be referenced according to the rules of search engines, including Google. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) allows web pages to appear in the first search results.

The targeted site thus benefits from significant traffic thanks to its high visibility. To optimize the SEO of your restaurant , you must use a specialist who masters the best practices of natural referencing. The tasks to be performed are very technical and require advanced knowledge.

It is necessary to write quality content, in which will be inserted keywords chosen after numerous analyzes. We must also make sure to improve the design, the loading time of the pages, etc.

Do local SEO

The Internet offers your restaurant an opening to the world. However, it is essential to have influence in your locality. Think local SEO, a method of using digital to attract potential customers to your physical restaurant.

This consists of establishing a business listing providing information on the contact details, map, opening hours and other elements of your establishment.

Thanks to local SEO, your restaurant’s website will be optimized both in search engines and on the maps. Google Maps is in particular used to unfold this method. A restaurant listed on this mapping application can easily be visited by Internet users.

Communicate on social networks

Social networks have become leading communication tools for several years. They bring together large communities in which you should have potential customers. If you don’t yet have Facebook and Instagram pages dedicated to your restaurant, you absolutely need to fix it.

These social networks are the most used in the world . On your pages, post content about your business, but don’t limit yourself to advertising.

To expand your community, regularly share cooking tips and advice with them. We also recommend contests which will have the merit of arousing the interest of the curious as well as the emulation of subscribers.

In addition to Facebook and Instagram, invest in TikTok and post videos there often that showcase your restaurant . It is a social network that is currently making a remarkable breakthrough.

Use booking or delivery platforms

To promote your restaurant, register on table reservation or meal delivery platforms. Today, there are a number of them. You have a choice of platforms installed in the sector for several years and emerging ones.

If some have the advantage of being more popular, they receive higher commissions than the others. The ideal is to use reputable booking platforms and newly emerged platforms. You will benefit from the competition while controlling your budget.

Listed on such a platform, your restaurant will be visible to users. Don’t forget to include your structure in local and national restaurant guides.

Advertise at the point of sale

Point-of-sale (POS) advertising isn’t just for stores. You can transform the look of your restaurant by using it. The objective is to attract the attention of passers-by and to reinforce the image of the establishment.

POS can be a lifeline to turn around a restaurant in financial difficulty. To implement this method, you will have to use posters, stickers, specific furniture, etc. You can also repaint, if possible, the walls of the room.

Associate the POS with promotional offers and highlight them. Through luminous stagings, you will attract attention to your premises at nightfall.

Do street marketing

If you’ve just opened your restaurant, you can use street marketing to raise awareness. This option should also be considered to revitalize a failing establishment.

Also think about it if the services of your structure have changed or been expanded. Street marketing consists of reaching out to potential customers. It is a mode of communication that aims to be ostentatious and warm vis-à-vis the target clientele.

By criss-crossing the streets aboard an advertising truck, you will make your restaurant better known in your catchment area. If you can, don’t hesitate to make reductions on your rates alongside your street marketing campaign.

Do some sponsorship

Sponsorship is a way to extend your restaurant’s image to reach as many potential customers as possible. For this, you will have to provide financial, material or in-kind support to a structure during an event organization.

The characteristic elements of your restaurant’s visual identity will thus be displayed on the advertising media for the event. It can be a sporting or cultural event. The main thing is that it reaches people and is likely to bring added value to the visibility of your establishment.

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